Where are the meets?

During the short season, athletes will have the opportunity to compete at meets which take place at Clarks Summit University. At CSU, the meets will take place at the Rec Center, in the back corner of the campus. Here, spectators must stay on the upper level to watch the track events down below. Be warned, there is very limited seating at CSU. Also, be aware that there is a fee to observe the meet.


How long are the meets?

Indoor track meets are notoriously long. The CSU meets will often start around 5PM and not finish until ten or eleven at night. Due to the many heats needed due to the lack of many lanes, races take a long time.


What is the order of events?

The order of events at CSU meets will be as follows:



55h (girls/boys)



55h finals (boys/girls)

55m finals







Shot Put

High Jump

Girls will run first, followed by boys. If there are not a lot of entries in the 3,000, girls and boys will run together. Shot put and high jump will begin at 5 PM along with the track events.